Restaurant Development & Facilities Capital Management

Making the right choice....
"Pippett Consulting provided valuable insight into a process that many restaurant executive teams struggle with. Having Greg and his team in our corner helped us establish a reality based plan that our partners can utilize moving forward... "  Client Quote
"Hiring Pippett Consulting was the best decision I have made in months..."  Client Quote
Pippett Consulting is a national consulting firm focused on development & facilities capital management within the restaurant sector. We partner with Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Private Investors to identify opportunities to improve, enhance, and solidfy your brands long term growth and sutainabilty.
Our partners are seasoned professionals who have held key positions within some of the largest and most iconic brands in the country. Tapping into this experience, and sharing what we have learned, has enabled us to develop several critical systems and procedures that are proven to be successful. 
  1. Partners...
    with the ability to interact with executive teams requiring a high level of confidentiality.
  2. Cross-Functional...
    partners with a keen understanding of operational needs.
  3. Experienced...
    team of corporate restaurant development & facilities professionals